Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Toyota Pickup Truck Build Finale

My Toyota pickup truck is now a finished build! Before I post final outdoor shots of the truck, I want to review the build.
This truck began life as a ready to run Axial Scx-10 Honcho:
(photo from

I began by removing most of the parts from the truck and ended up with a chassis to build on. Using sheet metal, I made a custom transmission mount located at the front of the truck.
I received a RC4WD Mojave body set for Christmas. I learned how to cut up the truck body and modify it!
First, I bobbed the bed:
Next, I cut the hood off:
Out of all the trucks I've had, this truck was the first to use a transfer case. I used a GCM Racing transfer case.

I added some letters to the tailgate...
And used a plastic container to make inner fenders:
I painted the truck:
I removed the stock plastic axles and 4 link suspension setup, and added ultra scale aluminum "Yota" axles and leave springs- another first! I also added Superlift lift blocks to level out the truck and for extra lift!
I used Sharpie Permanent markers to paint the rear light lenses.
Added some scale shocks.
Lastly, I glued on the side mirrors, door handles, and windshield wipers. Here are the finished outdoor pictures!

That's it! I really enjoyed building this truck! So far it has had no rollovers and I'd like to keep it that way!
Thanks for following!

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