Sunday, October 20, 2013

2 Years of R/C Fun! My Rigs Past and Present

   I have been building, bashing, crawling, and fixing my radio control vehicles over the past two years. I have had a ton of fun learning different filming, editing, and photography techniques as well. I'm not sure how I became interested in radio control vehicles. In this post I would like to share the R/C vehicles I have acquired and sold over the years.
R/C #1 HPI Crawler King
The first R/C that I bought was an HPI Crawler King with a Jeep body. My dad and I took my Crawler King to a giant rock where people rock climb. The area is filled with rough terrain. It just so happened that a bored news reporter was looking for a story, and just so happened to stop by. He took my picture with my truck and it was posted on their website. Here's the picture:
Later, I began to add bumpers, led lights and scale accessories to my Crawler King.
The Jeep body got pretty abused so I bought a Proline Ford F250 body. I ended up selling my Crawler King with the Ford body. Here's one of the pictures used in the eBay listing:
R/C #2 Axial Wraith Kit
My next R/C was my first kit that I had to build. After building my Axial Wraith, I learned how to wire the electronics, and I was so glad that when I hit the 'on' button the first time, everything worked! This truck has changed a lot! Here's a picture the first time I took it outside:
 I bought a Proline F650 body that I cut and fit on my Wraith.
Then I started watching Jeep videos on Youtube and bought a Jeep JK four door body.
I used this picture for my LetsGoMuddin logo:
After some more cutting, I added a different Jeep JK body for a truggy look:
I sold this rig looking like this (without my little man of course)
R/C #3 Axial Scx-10 Dingo Kit
I liked my Wraith kit so much that I bought an Axial Scx-10 kit. This was fun to build, I believe I went to bed late because I wanted to finish mounting the axles to the frame! Here's some first outdoor shots:

Soon after building this I bought a Jeep 2dr JK body for it.

I purchased a snow plow for my Wraith, but modified it to fit this. I plowed the whole driveway on Christmas morning from inside my home!
I found out that I could swap my Wraith and Scx-10 axles.

But I swapped them back. I did toss on the larger tires from my Crawler King. Here's my Wraith and Scx-10 with 2.2 tires.
This truck as well as my friend's Traxxas 1/16 Summit are featured in my most watched video on Youtube- Beach Bash. Here's a picture I took during the filming:

I sold most of this truck...
R/C #4 Traxxas Slash Ford Raptor
I got this truck after my little brother bought his Traxxas 1/16 Slash VXL and my friend bought his Traxxas 1/16 Summit. I needed a faster truck! I sold my Crawler King and bought this.

We all had a ton of fun bashing after church in the parking lot with a plastic skateboard jump, or in the woods! This truck was a lot of fun. I found that I really enjoyed building trucks so I traded my Slash Raptor to my little brother for his Axial Scx-10 Honcho.
R/C #5 Axial Scx-10 Honcho
I really like the Axial Scx-10s. I filmed a few videos of this truck while it was in 'Honcho' form. I also hung a sheet and did a little 'photo shoot' with my Axial Wraith, Axial Scx-10 Jeep, and Axial Scx-10 Honcho.

I stripped down the chassis and began my Toyota Pickup truck build. Here's how it ended up looking:

Then I cut the front bumper and added a radiator:
I still have this truck, but I'm trying to sell it to fund a new build!
R/C #6 Traxxas Slash 4x4 Ultimate Edition
Ok you're probably thinking why I traded my other Slash, and then later bought another Slash. Well, my cousin got back into R/C cars and bought a Slash 2wd. He began making his own batteries, and made the truck go crazy fast. This was cool! So I sold my Wraith and bought a Slash 4x4. This thing is so much fun! My cousin, my little brother, and I have a lot of fun bashing our trucks! I have flipped off skateboard jumps and broken this truck multiple times. Here's a couple pictures that my friend took of my Slash 4x4 in Maine:

This is a keeper! And just so you know, it's broken at the moment. :D
R/C #7 RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Kit
I wanted to build another Toyota Pickup truck, so I bought a TF2. This kit was extremely simple to build because the axles, transmission and transfer case all come assembled. I cut the doors off, bobbed the bed and made a full interior. Pictures!

  This is a keeper as well. The TF2s perform amazing on the rocks and I love the 2 speed transmission.

Well, these are all my rigs over the years of my R/C career! I have had builds that I began but never finished. My Rattle Trap JK was something I started, but sold. I also started a UTV build, but didn't have a good enough chassis for it so that was sold.
I do have a build in the works that will be very exciting. Here's a hint: "Just Empty Every Pocket".

That's all for now! Thanks for following!

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