Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stretched and Comp Cut Jeep JK 2dr. Build- Rock Skins, Rock Krawler Links, Chassis

Both rear wheel wells have been cut. Using a piece of paper, I was able to make a template for the rock skins. The rock skins will cover all my cuts and protect the back end of the body from rock damage. After making the paper template, I was able to transfer the template onto a piece of aluminum sheet. I made two, one for each side of the body. Here's how the rock skins came out:

I was surprised to receive a package from RPP today. Inside the box I found officially licensed Rock Krawler suspension links and RC4WD Ultimate 4 link mounts for the axles. Assembling the links and installing the link mounts to the axles was pretty basic stuff. I added the axles to the frame and I had a roller:

Rear cantilever suspension will give me more room for the full interior in the Jeep body.

Rock Krawler links.

Motor and transmission mounted up front. GCM Racing t-case on the center skid.


The Jeep interior is amazing!

Thanks for following!

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